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Angioletta Coradini

Angioletta Coradini
Autor: Emory Christer
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Dr. Angioletta Coradini was an Italian astrophysicist, planetary scientist and one of the most important figures in the space sciences in Italy. In 1970 she completed a Masters degree in Physics at the University of Rome, the city where she would do her research over her entire career at first at the university, then from 1975 at the National Research Council of Italy, and finally at the National Astrophysics Institute of Italy. Her early geological research conducted in the Gulf of Cagliari earned her notable international recognition, so much so that her Department of Planetology at CNR was one of the early groups to be entrusted by NASA with the analysis of lunar samples brought back to the Earth by the Apollo Program. From 2001-10, Dr. Coradini served as director of the Institute for the Physics of Interplanetary Space of INAF. She was awarded the David Bates Medal of the European Geophysical Union in 2007


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