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Safety Net Programs for the Destitute Women

ISLAM:Safety Net Programs for the Desti
Autor: K.M. K. Islam
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While Bangladesh has been persistently trying to overcome the poverty regime,yet most of the distressed widowed,divorced and husband-deserted women are struggling hard to subsist due to impoverished economic condition.The Government has given due attention in the recent past to empower these disadvantaged groups of people.The"Allowance Scheme for Widowed and Husband-deserted Distressed Women"is one of the major state interventions,which delivers cash support to the target people.The findings of the study revealed that the Scheme has impact on the lives of the distressed women,who are either widowed,divorced or deserted by their husbands,to come out of severe insecurity of food,to have a better medical care and to manage comparatively good clothes.By achieving these basic needs they have earned some degree of dignity and honor in the family and society.This study also unveiled some deficiencies of this Scheme.It has failed to improve the housing status,to create income generation opportunities for the distressed women and in this way perpetuates their struggle against poverty.This analysis may help researchers and policy makers working in the field of SSNPs.


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