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Illegal Immigrants in Tanzania

Munuo:Illegal Immigrants in Tanzania
Autor: Arnold Munuo
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Migration is the part and parcel of the world development today. People are moving from one corner of the world to another to extract opportunities,transfer of knowledge together with that comparative advantages fuels the migration worldwide. The problem comes when the migration does not follow the procedures and laws of the countries concerned. The point to note is that people should not be forbidden to migrate but controlled. Illegal immigrants pose not only economic,social and political problems but also security concerns. This analysis aimed at finding the reasons as to why illegal immigrants are increasing despite the role played by authority concerned in controlling them.The analysis has provided number of reasons and went far by put ahead the suggestions on what should be done in order to control illegal immigrants. As far as target group is concerned the analysis has focused on the authorities of the countries dealing with entry,departures and residence of the foreigners, general public and new scholars to be useful as a corner stone to a new study of the same nature as well as literature material.


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