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Interactive value creation and representation in connected world

Kim:Interactive value creation and repr
Autor: Hyeonjin Kim
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639869392

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This book looks how potential data become meaningful with technologies and methodological approaches based on human centered design and social cognitive theory. Furthermore, it investigates the flow of data explosion, its history and how data is utilized in connected world, capturing the value from data stream with techniques and technologies. The practical parts consist of two projects relating to personal biometric data and health management issues: Healthy calorie dispenser and Visualized calorie consumption on tread mill. Healthy calorie dispenser analyses how personal biometric data such as calorie intake, calorie consumption and bio mass index are formed into physical substance and representation for user perception and manages tailored dietary plan with automation and personalization system. It sheds light on contextual probability and correlation between personal metrics and health management. Visualized calorie consumption on treadmill proposes a contextual visualization for calorie burned from exercise or daily activity based on human perception of information, showing how contextual representation is crucial for understanding any kind of data.


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