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World Best Moral Indian Education system: A case study of Ramanayam

Sivasankar:World Best Moral Indian Educ
Autor: Morusu Sivasankar
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Veröffentlicht am: 02.09.2019
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Salutations to Lord Rama, who is an Avatara of Vishnu, who is measureless, who is of the nature of Pure Consciousness Bliss, who is the consort of Sita, Master of Sri Hanuman, and the Lord of the three worlds, who took his birth at his own will in order to establish righteousness, destroy the wicked and to protect his devotees.Rama Navami or the Birthday of Lord Rama falls on the 9th day of the bright fortnight of the month of Chaitra (March April). Rama was Lord Hari Himself incarnate on earth for the destruction of Ravana. He was well accomplished, beautiful and endowed with royal marks. His glory and prowess were unlimited. He was peerless on earth. He was free from malice. He was gentle and the protector of the people. He always addressed the people in gentle words. He never used any harsh words even when somebody provoked him. He had his sway over the whole world.Let Sri Rama be your ideal. Ideals are remembered and adored for the purpose of adopting them in our own life. The Rama navami celebration, or the Vasanta Navaratri, every year is an opportune period for us to saturate ourselves with the spirit of Lord Rama. We love and adore the ideals because we express .


Autor Verlag Scholar's Press
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