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Entering the Brazilian Market: A guide for LEAN Consultants

Erikson,K.:Entering t.Brazilian Market
Autor: Kristina Erikson
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ISBN / EAN: 9783836682732

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Especially during the last two decades consulting companies established themselves in the international marketplace. In times of globalization particularly emerging economies, such as Brazil, are experiencing an upward trend and join the global players. The term LEAN consulting became frequently used in this context and plays a major role in the Brazilian consulting market nowadays. This study develops recommendations for the market entry of management consulting companies into the Brazilian market. The implication of the term Lean in the context of the consulting business and its future potential in Brazil is examined, supported by an evaluation of the target market. The outcome of the theoretical part is then being compared with empirical findings which are conducted via a Delphi Study. The empirial part clearly identifies that the most promising strategy for doing business in Brazil is intensive networking and new ventures should enter the market only with professional support from Brazilian partners who are more familiar with the peculiarities of the market. These and other interesting facts are delivered at the end of the study, providing a guide for new potential consulting businesses that want to enter the Brazilian LEAN market.


Autor Verlag Diplomica
ISBN / EAN 9783836682732 Bindung Taschenbuch

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